Social Media Training – final thoughts

So we’re coming to the end of our Social Media training session and there’s lots to take away. Here’s some of the things that have stuck out to me:

  • Getting involved in the global conversation seems to be a big part. Listen and engage with others, it shouldn’t be a one way flow of information. This builds up networks and trust.
  • Be useful, be open, be generous. Uncertainty or posing questions can be good as this engages with others and opens up the conversation. This can be seem difficult when representing an organisation or brand but just ‘contribute and relax’ as far as you can.
  • Social Reporting is a different skill – new to me at least. It can feel unnatural to publish quickly, as things happen, without worrying about editing. But it is about capturing a moment or event. When things are online you have to let them go – you cannot control them. Blogging as you learn and sharing your work is also part of this.

Thanks to Podnosh for all their input and food for thought. Follow them on Twitter @podnosh

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